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Should I deactivate my AdBlocker / Advertising Blocker on

If you'd like? Why not?
With regard to AdBlockers, however, I would like to point out here that - if you are using an AdBlocker - you should use an AdBlocker whose operator does not charge a toll for not letting allegedly annoying advertisements through from site operators / advertisers. So if you should still see advertisements on the WWW in spite of the installed advertising blocker, my previous sentence has reached its right to live.

You're right. Despite the installed AdBlocker I still see annoying advertisements. What can I do?

At this point I can only recommend uBlock Origin. uBlock Origin is free, Open source with Public License (GPLv3) and created by users for users. With this AdBlocker there is no possibility for advertisers and site operators to get their ads on a whitelist.


Please keep in mind, however, that if we all use AdBlockers excessively - sometime in the near future - we will only be standing in front of Paywalls. Some of the Internet sites that can be visited are likely to be sites that try to spread malware, keyloggers, viruses or trojans in some way.


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